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Tend Growing Tools

Tend is a secure home for all your farm data. Build crop plans, keep records, manage tasks, take notes, generate reports, and view analytics. Easily accessible, organized, and searchable in real-time. 

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Record Keeping

Spreadsheets and paper-based record keeping can get messy, making it difficult to quickly pull up key growing info when you need it most. We're working to develop modern mobile and web-based tools to make it easier to keep accurate farm records and put them to good use. So with better farm data it'll be easier to grow more of what you love every season.

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Note Taking Made Easy
Instantly search your farm notes. Add photos and text. Assign notes to any task, crop, or farm location. Stay on top of organic certification. And track pests, diseases, and weeds that appear in your fields in real-time with your phone's GPS.

Search for Anything
Search all your farm records, notes, and tasks in seconds. Pull up crop history and yield data for every crop on your farm. See harvest schedules, in-row plant spacing, common pests and diseases, and days to maturity.
Export to CSV
Stay in control of your farm data by easily exporting to CSV, and opening with Excel or Google Sheets.
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Making sense of farm records is often time-consuming and a complex undertaking, even for the most experienced farmer. Our tools give you a deeper look into your daily operations on your farm in real-time, so you can make more informed farming decisions.

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Instantly track and calculate yields for all of your crops. Compare actual yields to your yield projections.
Know how much labor it takes to grow and sell each crop. Instantly see a breakdown of all your labor, in person hours, for every task on your farm.
See your expense breakdown by crop, so you know how much each crop is truly costing you to produce. 
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We understand that having the best crop plan in place and making sure it's well executed is key to your farm's success. Tend combines crop planning with daily task management to reduce record keeping overhead and make it simpler to schedule tasks week-to-week, so that you can run your operation more smoothly.

Task Management
Keep track of daily farming tasks, like planting, weeding, irrigating, cultivating, and harvesting. Plan for upcoming tasks and instantly know when things got done. Every task you complete gets saved as a record.
Crop Planning
See future projections in real-time for crop yields, income amounts, and harvest windows as you create your crop plan. Get auto-generated tasks for your crops, adjust planting amounts for crop loss, and instantly generate order lists for your seeds.
Small scale Production
Manage everything on your farm, from annual & perennial fruits and vegetables, to orchards, berries, cut flowers, and livestock.
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There's so much useful data available to farmers today, but it's not available in one integrated and easy-to-find place at the tap of a finger. Our platform combines various environmental, plant, pest, disease and other data with your farm records to give you a comprehensive look into your farming operation, your growing methods, and the local environment.

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Comprehensive Database
Key info for crops and varieties, including seeding rates, days-to-maturity, in-row plant spacing, and common pests and diseases

Data Layering
Tend combines multiple layers of data from your crops, growing methods, local environment, and weather.

Many Users
Decide how your farm staff and crew use Tend in your farming operation. Share notes, tasks, and reports and set sharing preferences.
Map Your Farm
We've combined Google Maps and Mapbox to help you create a detailed map of your farm - from fields and blocks, to greenhouses, high tunnels, coolers, packing sheds, and more.

Available Everywhere
Access your farm data anywhere - from your mobile phone, table, or desktop computer. Tend uses a cloud-based platform, making it easy to pull up your farm data anywhere, whether you're online or offline, and automatically backs it up to our servers, so you'll never lose a record again.

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