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Straightforward, pay-as-you-go pricing

Simple pricing. No surprises.

Monthly pricing

US $39/month

(Total of $468 usd per year)

Annual pricing

US $399/year

(Save 15%)

On Web, iOS, and Android


  • Farm field mapping
  • Visual crop planning
  • Revenue estimation
  • Auto-created planting lists
  • Seed ordering lists
  • Task & crew management
  • Expense management
  • Mobile app (iOS, Android)


  • Online store
  • Square integration
  • Pick & pack integration
  • Delivery options
  • Order limits
  • CSV export
  • Import catalog


  • Auto-created records
  • Searchable records
  • Soil test logs
  • Planned vs. actual reports
  • Estimated revenue reports
  • Yields reports
  • Expenses reports
  • CSV export
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I used to convert bed feet into inches, multiply it by the rows per bed, then divide that by the numbers of cells in the seed trays I would be transplanting from to figure out how many seed trays I would need to plant, for every crop - now I just use tend

Helena Sylvester, Happy Acre Farm, Sunol, California

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