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One software platform to manage your diversified, organic farm.

How It Works 

Plan, Grow, Sell, Learn, Repeat.

At the heart of every season is your crop plan. Your crop plan drives the production schedule on your farm and feeds your sales channels. Tend connects all three so that you can work efficiently, learn, and improve every season.

1. Create your plan

Create your crop plan for the season by defining when you will be planting each crop, how much, and where. Your plan integrates with key features like Seed List, Tasks, Notes, Pick & Pack, and Offer Sheets so that your reports can give you feedback about your plan..

2. Execute your plan

When creating your crop plan, Tend automatically creates key planting and sowing tasks, and you can pre-generate all the core tasks required to manage the farm week to week, including cultivation and fertilize & amend tasks. All completed tasks simply become a record that is easily reviewable and queryable for Organic certification.

3. Sell your products

Getting your products sold is top priority. Tend helps you expand your customer base by streamlining your ordering and fulfillment. Restaurants or other direct sales customers can digitally submit orders that will appear in your pick and pack workflow. Once packed you can easily produce invoices for each customer so that you're paid in a timely fashion.

4. Learn

The data you keep is automatically stored in Records and Tend produces reports that help you answer key questions like:
  • "What happened differently from what I planned?”
  • "How much do I need to grow in order to produce enough each week?"
  • "How did my yields compare to last year?"
  • "What were my key notes & takeaways from this past season?" 

Set your farm up for success

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