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Tend is a software platform with tools to manage your organic farm.

Tend’s Features 

Tend is a secure home for all your farm data. Build crop plans, keep records, manage tasks, take notes, generate reports, and view analytics. Easily accessible, organized, and searchable in real-time.

Crop Planning

Tend combines crop planning with daily task management to reduce record keeping overhead and make it simpler to schedule tasks week-to-week, so that you can run your operation more smoothly.

With Tend's crop planner you can:
  • .Project crop yields, income amounts, number of greenhouse flats & transplants, and seed order lists
  • .Auto-generate planting & seeding tasks for your crops
  • .Manage everything on your farm from annual & perennial fruits and vegetables, to orchards, berries, and cut flowers
  • .Visualize the season with a birds eye view of your plan from start to finish
  • .Easily print your planting, sowing, and greenhouse plans


Never let critical tasks slip through the cracks.

With Tend's tasks you can:
  • .Manage all your farm tasks in one place
  • .Track labor by task to understand your costs of production
  • .Automatically create a record when you complete a task
  • .Easily know when work in the field has been done
  • .Assign tasks to your crew
  • .Track product applications for organic certification
  • .Access your tasks in the field or on the go via the mobile app

Offer Sheets & Ordering

In development · release date & pricing TBD

Create digital offersheets so that Customers can submit orders online.

With offer sheets your farm can:
  • .Compile and email offer sheets to unique groups of customers
  • .Allow customers to order directly from you online
  • .Seamlessly integrate orders into Pick & Pack lists
  • .Set inventory limits
  • .Customize prices by customer group
  • .Print and email invoices
  • .Manually create orders that come in offline
  • .Export orders to CSV for import into your accounting software

Pick & Pack

In development · release date & pricing TBD
Connect your harvest and sales activities through pick and pack.

With the Pick & Pack feature:
  • .See restaurant orders automatically appear in your pack list
  • .Automatically aggregate all Customers & Outlets into a single pick list
  • .Review and manage pick and pack tasks in the field via the mobile app
  • .Print pick lists and pack slips
  • .Review yield and pack reports


Learn and make intelligent decisions with reports.

With reports you can:
  • .View planned vs. actual figures
  • .Understand your labor expense by crop
  • .Review how much each crop yielded and when during its lifecycle
  • .Download any report into a CSV
  • .Utilize filters to drill into your data

Accessible anywhere in the world

Access Tend anytime, anywhere via the web or our iOS and Android apps.

With Tend you can:
  • .Download our native mobile app for iOS and Android to manage & record tasks, record notes, and review plantings
  • .Invite your entire farm team to your account
  • .Use Tend wherever you are, with metric or Imperial units and your local currency

Simplify your farm management.

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