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10 of the Most Profitable Small Farm Crops to Add to Your Crop Plan

As you gear up for the upcoming planting season, consider enhancing your crop plan with some of the most profitable small farm crops. We've researched some less common but highly lucrative crops to elevate your sales. Diversifying your offerings with small farm cash crops not only broadens your market but also provides your customers with unique varieties they can't find elsewhere.
In navigating these choices, leveraging a robust farm management software can be instrumental. It streamlines the planning process and ensures that each decision maximizes both sustainability and profitability.

1. Kiwis and Kiwiberries: A Top Profitable Crop for Small Farms

Kiwis, though predominantly grown in New Zealand, thrive in a range of climates, making them an excellent choice for small farms across various regions. The smaller, hardier kiwiberries, in particular, can withstand cooler temperatures, presenting a lucrative opportunity for farms from Florida to Minnesota. Embracing such unique small farm crops can significantly enhance your farm's profitability.
kiwi harvest farm

2. Ginger: Maximizing Returns with High-Demand Crops

Ginger stands out as one of the most profitable farming crops due to its versatility and high demand. Opting for baby ginger can yield quicker harvests and fetch premium prices at markets, making it a wise choice for farmers looking to increase their profits.
fresh ginger harvest farm

3. Shiitake Mushrooms: Cultivating Profitable Farm Crops with Minimal Space

Shiitake mushrooms, known for their rich flavor, represent a profitable venture with minimal spatial requirements. This most profitable type of farming taps into the growing consumer demand for gourmet mushrooms, offering high returns.
shiitake mushroom farm

4. Microgreens: A Profitable Farm Crop in the Culinary World

Microgreens are celebrated for their nutritional value and intense flavors, marking them as one of the most profitable crops for a small farm. Their quick growth cycle and minimal space requirement make microgreens a smart addition to any small farm's crop plan.
microgreens tray farm

5. Goji Berries: Tapping into the Superfood Trend

Goji berries are among the most profitable agricultural crops, thanks to their health benefits and resilience in various climates. This superfood's rising popularity in the wellness industry makes it a lucrative crop for farmers.
goji berries harvest farm

6. Hops: Brewing Profits with Craft Beer's Rise

The craft beer movement has catapulted hops into being one of the most profitable farm crops. Small-scale hop farming can supply local breweries with unique varieties, creating a profitable niche market.
hops harvest farm

7. Saffron: The Most Profitable Crop per Acre

Dubbed "red gold", saffron's high market value makes it arguably the most profitable agricultural crop. Though it requires careful cultivation, the potential profits per acre are unmatched, highlighting its viability for small farms looking to maximize their earnings.
saffron harvesting farm

8. Bamboo Shoots: Exploring Profitable Niche Markets

Bamboo shoots offer a unique opportunity for farmers to tap into niche markets, providing a profitable alternative to traditional crops. Their culinary appeal in many cuisines can open up lucrative avenues for small farms.
bamboo shoots farm

9. Elderberries: Capitalizing on Health Trends

Elderberries have emerged as one of the most profitable crops for a small farm, driven by their health benefits and culinary versatility. This crop can attract health-conscious consumers, adding a profitable dimension to your farm's offerings.
elderberries harvest farm

10. Unique Heirloom Varieties: The Most Profitable Thing to Farm for Diversity

Cultivating unique heirloom varieties can differentiate your farm, making it a go-to source for customers seeking novel and flavorful produce. This approach not only supports biodiversity but also positions your farm as a provider of some of the most profitable farm crops.
black heirloom tomatoes hand farm

As you refine your farming operation for the next growing season, incorporating these profitable small farm crops can significantly enhance your market presence and profitability. Diversifying your crop selection not only meets the growing consumer demand for unique produce but also establishes your farm as a leader in innovative and profitable farming. Here's to a bountiful and successful harvest ahead!

Happy growing!


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