Sally Neas - Sep 17, 2017

A Farmer's Guide to Writing Effective Marketing Emails

In a previous post, we talked about many of the benefits of email marketing. At this point, you probably know that email marketing is a powerful tool. But, we need to look no further than an inbox full of unopened emails to know that you can’t just send any email and expect the customers to come rolling in. This article will cover tips about how to effectively leverage your email marketing.

A good place to start is the subject line and title. You want to make it both clear and catchy, with the priority being clarity. If you sacrifice clarity, the email will likely lose its efficacy because it fails to communicate your goal in sending the email. To this point, succinct titles are helpful: people are most likely to open emails with a subject line that is 10 words or less.

Brevity is also key in emails. Most readers these days scan emails for main ideas. So you will want to write short paragraphs, usually no more than a few sentences. If you have more than five or six paragraphs, consider dividing them into separate sections.

Another important part of email marketing is to make the email eye-catching.  This helps draw people into reading, especially for those checking their email on mobile devices. This is a great chance to share the beauty of your farm and produce via pictures. Also, including things like varied font, colors, bolded statements and numerals all help to keep readers eyes on the screen.

When it comes down to writing, even though it’s cliche, write from your heart. This means writing something that is genuine.  Choose topics you are passionate about. Think about what you might say to a customer about your farm, and write that down. The excitement you convey when you write authentically is something that your readers will feel and respond to. There is an adage in writing: “Write for yourself, edit for your audience”. Write what comes out naturally and then edit it for your customers.

And, last but certainly not least: proofread. I cannot stress again how important this is. I have a personal rule before clicking publish on anything I write: I either have someone else look at it, or I take a break from it and come back to the writing with fresh eyes for proofreading. It is amazing what things you can catch that you glazed over before. This extra step can save you a lot of grief by avoiding embarrassing mistakes or inaccuracies. After all the time you put into the setup and writing, you will want to make sure your email is perfect before sending it out to your customers!

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Sally Neas is a California based writer, educator and organic gardener. She spent 3 years farming at Veggielution Urban Farm and Camp Joy Gardens has taught garden education in the Pajaro Valley School District with Fitness 4 Life. Her writings have appears in YES! Magazine, Modern Farmer, Taproot Magazine and her own blog Voices from the Great Turning. She is now in graduate school at UC Davis studying Community Development.


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