Sally Neas - Aug 14, 2016

Branding Matters: How to Easily Create a Logo For Your Farm

The logo for Love Apple Farm. Photo credit to Cynthia Sandberg. 

It’s no secret that when starting an organic farm, there is plenty to consider: soil building, crop planning, infrastructure, just to name a few. While these are obvious and necessary, it’s also important to considering developing a brand for your organic farm. One important aspect of branding is creating a farm logo.

Because a logo is the first thing customers see when they visit your website, it is a core piece of your public identity. With the increase in organic farms, developing this identity is even more important. Since customers have more choices about from whom to buy, you want to stand out from the crowd with a recognizable brand. This helps establish a strong customer base, which ensures that the amazing, high quality food you work so hard to grow gets sold.

5 Options for Creating a Logo

1) Draw a logo: If you, or someone you know, has artistic talent, this can be a great option. The price tag on this option- free- is impossible to beat. But, it has its drawbacks too. Creating your own logo will take more time and requires you have artistic and potentially graphic design skills.  You can draw one yourself and upload it.

2)  Online Logo Maker: There are several free- or mostly free- online logo makers. This is again an affordable option. Some of the sites are totally free while some charge only if you decide to use the logo. This option can also be more labor intensive and you need the computer know-how to tool around and get what you want.

3)  Fiverr: Fiverr is a service marketplace where freelancers offer various design and business services. There are many services offered, and logos are one of the most popular. All services start at $5 and the prices go up from there. Again, this is an affordable option and is great if you don’t have the time or artistic talent to design something yourself.

4)  99Designs: On 99Designs, you can write a description of the logo you want. Freelancers from all over the world then submit designs that you can comment on. After 7 days, you pick a winner. For this service, you pay up front, with the most basic design package starting at $299, and the money is awarded to the designer you picked. Although more expensive than other options, this is a fairly quick way to end up with a design.

5)  Freelancer: This is the most expensive, but also most customizable option. You are likely to pay between $300-500, but will get the one-on-one attention in designing something that represents your farm. Although a financial investment, this could translate into better sales via better branding.

There are a lot of ways to go about picking a farm logo. Time and money are obvious consideration, but also think about the value it can add to your organic farm. A well-designed logo will communicate your farm’s values and make a great addition to your website. Your logo will become the face of your farm, so when thinking about farm logo design, aim for something that will resonate with your customers and also be something that you are proud of.

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Sally Neas is a California based writer, educator and organic gardener. She spent 3 years farming at Veggielution Urban Farm and Camp Joy Gardens has taught garden education in the Pajaro Valley School District with Fitness 4 Life. Her writings have appears in YES! Magazine, Modern Farmer, Taproot Magazine and her own blog Voices from the Great Turning. She is now in graduate school at UC Davis studying Community Development.


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