David Howe - Apr 08, 2016

Announcing the Tend Blog!

The Tend team at EcoFarm conference in Soquel, California. 

A Seed Was Planted
Tend began when our Founder and CEO, Avi Benaroya, began growing food for his family on his property in Northern California. After searching for software to help manage a diversified farm and having little luck, an idea was born: a mobile and web app to help diversified farmers manage their crops and sell more produce. It’s been a productive journey since then, and today we’re excited to take one more step toward our mission of enabling quality food systems: the launch of our blog! 

A Community Effort
Our goal is to provide actionable, educational content with every article we publish. You’ll see articles ranging from how to write a great monthly newsletter for your farm and tips on attracting new CSA members - all the way from water conservation strategies to thoughts on keeping bees - and lots more in between. Our hope is that our blog will inspire a sense of community, and that farmers will collaborate with us to make it valuable to all diversified growers. If you have a topic you’d like us to write about, please send us a note - we’d love to hear your ideas.

What We’ve Been Up To
Over the past year we’ve been focused on building our product and working closely with farmers - gathering their feedback on the tools we’ve created and putting their ideas into practice. This collaboration has allowed us to create a product built directly upon the needs of the diversified grower, and we’re deeply grateful for the contributions of our farming friends. Working with this select group of customers has allowed us to continually expand our beta testing program and prepare for a wider public launch of Tend, which we’re inching closer towards every day.

Who’s Blogging?
We’re excited to have three writers contributing to the Tend blog, along with periodic product and company updates from myself and other members of the Tend team, as well as special guest writers. Our blog authors include:

  • Jane Kuhn: When Jane lived in Charleston, SC it was through both hunger relief work and studies in social stratification, that led her toward to the food movement. Since then, she's worked on a variety of East Coast farms including animal integrated orchards, non-profit community gardens, a 75 acre CSA farm, and acquired a certificate in Ecological Horticulture from UCSC's Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS). She now works as a Field Production Specialist at the UCSC Farm, working with CASFS apprentices and assisting with management of the tractor cultivated fields and orchards. She takes great joy in biking to work, baking seasonal-fruit-inspired treats, and putting her thrift store wetsuit to good use.

  • Patrick Dunn: Patrick has been farming for over 9 years and his experience ranges from production scale market farming to community based urban agriculture. He studied at the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems at UCSC and co-founded Emerald Street Community Farm and Master Street Farm in Philadelphia, PA. When Patrick isn't farming, you can find him dangling from ropes high on the granite walls of Yosemite or jetting off to the mountains for solitude in the wilderness.

  • Alexandra Kaplan: Alexandra is equal parts farmer, writer, community organizer, and salsa dancer. She is a graduate of the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems at UC Santa Cruz, where she fell in love with Meyer lemons and apple trees. After spending a season at an organic CSA farm in northern California, she has returned to her native New York to farm in the Hudson Valley. Alexandra's greatest achievements include helping to launch a farm in New York City, pioneering the sale of broccoli leaves at her last farmers market, and learning to hula hoop.

What’s Next?
We’ll publish new articles as often as we hear you’d like to receive them, so be sure to let us know if you’re enjoying the content. If you want to stay up to date on the blog you can have the latest articles delivered straight to your inbox. Just simply sign up for our blog email list by entering your email address at the bottom of this page. You can also stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, where we’ll share our blog articles and other fun things you might be interested in.

Until next time,

David Howe
Customer Success Manager, Tend

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David's job at Tend is to help make customers more successful. This includes wearing many hats, such as managing the company blog. In his spare time you can find him growing microgreens in his kitchen or working on his downward dog at yoga class. 


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Jun 29, 2016 at 3:54 PM

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