Three Moms Who Rock the Red Carpet

By  February 28, 2014

As much as we love our precious cherubs, doesn’t it feel great when we can wash all the kiddo gunk off us, throw on a pretty dress, and head out for a night on the town? I imagine that is what it feels like to be on the red carpet… Actually, it probably feels like that times 100!  There are many celebrity mamas who downright own the red carpet and we’re talking about three of my favorites here today.

Now I know that most of these moms have a team at their disposal which aids in their red carpet readiness, but that does not mean we can’t draw inspiration from their transformations! And with the Oscars coming up, now is the perfect time. Rockin’ the red carpet is all about showing the world that you may be a yoga-pants wearin’ mama at home, but you can still bring it when it’s time to show your stuff! And all us mamas CAN bring it too…We may not have red carpet opportunities on the regular, but there’s always date night! So, here are some seriously stylish mamas to help get you inspired for your next big night out!


Jessica Alba was my maternity style muse. She’s two kids in now and still continues to inspire me. I have yet to see a red carpet look of hers that I didn’t love and that goes for her hair and makeup too. A fabulous blowout/style or a fun mani can feel as great as wearing a new dress no?
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Heidi Klum is definitely one to take risks. Not all of her looks are my cup of tea, but I love that she’s not afraid to try anything! Going outside your comfort zone could lead you to a look you love and I bet your significant other would appreciate a change of pace on date night too!
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We have all seen the photos of Jennifer Garner on her down time. She’s a girl after your own heart.  She wears, classic comfortable clothes when hanging out with her family, but when it’s red carpet time, she turns it ON! I bet it’s hard for Ben to take his eyes off her when shes’s on the red carpet. Just sayin’!
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So, remember to take some mental notes when you’re watching the Oscars this year. You may find a new color, hairstyle or makeup trend on the red carpet that you just have to try!