My Baby’s Inner Monologue

By  February 14, 2014


Harlow is 15 months old and has not yet developed a big vocabulary. Actually, her vocabulary consists of one word. “Mama”. It’s nice that her one word is in reference to me, except that she uses “Mama” to describe just about everything. Her dad, her sister, the refrigerator. You name it.

Because Harlow isn’t talking yet, my four-year-old daughter Mazzy has recently started narrating her younger sister’s thoughts.

The premise is this: Harlow is a baby, therefore she has no idea what is going on.

It works like this: Harlow, Mazzy and I all get into an elevator. There are three other people inside. Mazzy says, “Harlow’s like… who are all these people? I’ve never seen them before!”

Then everyone laughs. Even the other people in the elevator who can’t know what the hell Mazzy is talking about. They don’t know Harlow’s name. They might think Mazzy is speaking in the third person. Regardless, they laugh. Which makes Mazzy do it again and again and again.

So far, it has not gotten old.

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