How to Make a Guest Bathroom Warm, Cozy, and Inviting

By  May 06, 2014


You want your guests to feel comfortable in your home—and the bathroom is no exception. Create a cozy scene with these simple essentials.

Warm Colors
Capture a light, airy ambience with soft, soothing colors like beiges and blues. Consider adding a decal or stencil pattern to one wall. Mirrors and framed art can also add style and elegance to the bathroom.

Fresh Flowers
You display fresh flowers throughout the house but probably neglect the bathroom. A simple fresh bouquet displayed in a mason jar can add color and life to your littlest room.

Candles and Matches
A few subtly scented candles are a great addition to the bathroom. Light them before a party, but also leave out matches for your guests to use.

Plush Towels
Invest in quality towels that are big, soft, and plush. You may want to stick with white, which is easy to match when replacing. And always have extra washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels available and in plain sight.

Cozy Extras
Keep your bathroom essentials organized in open baskets and glass jars. Make sure extra rolls of toilet paper, feminine products, cotton balls, and other comfort items are visible and accessible. Finally, have quality soaps, shampoos, and lotions on hand for your guests to use and enjoy.