Handbag vs. Diaper Bag: A Simple Solution

By  March 11, 2014


Raise your hand if you’re guilty of using a favorite handbag as a makeshift diaper bag? (Me! Me! Me!)

Carrying two separate bags is just plain impractical. And switching essential items (keys! wallet! phone!) from one to the other is so not an option. Hence the reason we spent the morning cleaning our Chanel* of animal-cracker crumbs, spare binkies, and Thomas trains. And let’s all try to forget the time we showed up at work toting our laptop in a paisley Petunia Pickle Bottom bag. There’s just got to be an easier way…

Introducing HoneyBee Child’s QueenBee Bag! Compact and slim, the QueenBee is essentially a diaper bag you can slip inside your everyday tote. Featuring optimized pocket design, the QueenBee Bag fits all the essentials and protects your expensive arm candy from sippy-cup spills and other common messes (we’ll spare you the details!). And unlike your Louis V, the QueenBee’s fabric and design allow for easy cleaning in the washing machine.

*Okay, it’s a Target bag. But still…