Behind the Gram: The Ice Castle

By  March 21, 2014
I found out about the ice castle when someone I follow posted a picture of her family in front of it on Instagram. I asked her where it was and she said just outside of Park City, Utah. Coincidentally, I was heading there for a family vacation and made sure to include it as part of our trip.Mazzy, my four-year-old is going through a Frozen phase and I knew she would love it. Harlow, the baby, would think she had landed on another planet. And I couldn’t resist the sheer instagrammable nature of it all.When we arrived it was much different than expected. I thought it would be in the middle of nowhere, on a glacier or something, but it’s actually right in town. There’s an ugly fence around it and port-o-potties right outside.

But no matter, once you are inside, you are none the wiser. I’ve seen tons of photos of the ice castles on Instagram and all of them look majestic, sparkling clean and like they are the only ones inside. Nobody ever includes the fence, the parking lot, or the massive amounts of foot traffic.

I didn’t either.

Just one more example of life looking much better than reality on Instagram.

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